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With Kid Safe Tech from Beyond Wireless, we customize your child’s phone by providing select apps that are appropriate for your child. Unlock the power of control.

At Beyond Wireless, we believe you deserve an amazing device with peace of mind

Have you ever had the need to get in touch with your child at school, sports  practice, or at a friend’s house but they have no cell phone? You may be reluctant to get them a phone because you are concerned about the ever-increasing risk of getting exposed to inappropriate material or spending unhealthy amounts of time on social media or gaming, and you don’t know where to turn.

Good news! Here at Beyond Wireless we offer phones at competitive prices with Kid Safe Tech that protects your child online.

Kids SafeTech™

We've created the perfect phone for you & your child

Pornography & Explicit Content

It is estimated that the number of predators online today, luring and grooming children for future abuse is 500,000. The average age of when kids are exposed to pornography is 11.

No Social Media Access

Social Media is the most common place that a child will be exposed to explicit content. 43% percent of teens reported that they feel pressure to post content that makes them look good.


1 in 3 kids will become a victim of Cyberbullying, and over 50% of teens witness cyberbullying regularly.

Samsung Knox Protection

By using premium Samsung devices for the Kids Safe phone, the devices come with Samsungs Knox technology. This is a military grade security system that ensures not only personal information is protected, but also what apps can be put on the phone.

Device Support

Support provided directly through the Kids Safe App. Message our team through the app on each phone.

Screen Time

With the Kids Safe phone, your child will not develop the typical addiction that comes when provided access to a typical smartphone.

You Shouldn't Have To Worry

At Beyond Wireless we understand a parent’s concern for their child’s safety online and have developed technology that customizes your child’s phone to only allow those apps that you as a parent would be comfortable with

Selected Apps

As part of our Kid Safe Tech package, only certain apps are enabled on your child’s phone and certain phone features are disabled.

Protection First

Kid Safe Tech provides a way for parents to keep their children safe online by removing potentially dangerous apps from their child’s phone.

Quality Safe Phones

Beyond Wireless offers high quality Samsung smartphones with the Android operating system at very competitive prices that are configured with Kid Safe Tech.

Amazing Plans

Our Kid Safe plans with unlimited talk and text begin at $19.99 per month and you have two nationwide networks to choose from.

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Remove harmful apps and stress as you manage your child's phone

Parents don’t need to stress over their child’s online safety. Our Kid Safe Technology will protect your child when using their phone

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Our range of competitively priced plans lets you choose the one that best fits your budget and your lifestyle with the best network for you.