Tell Me About Beyond Wireless


Beyond Wireless offers a full portfolio of the latest smartphones and some of the best priced, no-contract plans in the industry, using the nationwide SprintĀ® network.

At Beyond Wireless, we are a bit unusual. We are committed to helping make YOUR world a better place by giving 5% of your monthly plan price to a charity or community organization of YOUR choosing.

Sure, there are many worthy, large, national charitable organizations that people may wish to contribute to, and if you’d like, we will be happy to direct our donation to these at your direction. However, many of our customers are passionate about local organizations that are a big part of their lives. This could be their church, a private school, local veteran’s organization, school district, alumni association, or any number of other organizations that would benefit from an additional source of revenue.


It’s really all up to you. YOU choose the charity and we will donate 5% of your plan price to that organization every month, with NO annual caps on the giving.

So when you consider Beyond Wireless offers some of the lowest priced cellular plans in the industry AND will make a monthly donation to a charity of YOUR choice, we believe you will be pleasantly surprised with our service.

Why Should I Switch To Beyond Wireless?

We know that switching carriers can be a real hassle. There could be Early Termination Fees (ETFs), you may have to purchase a new phone and you have to begin a new relationship with a new company.

The benefits of being a Beyond Wireless customer are that we offer some of the lowest priced plans in the industry, a big portfolio of basic and smartphones AND we will give 5% of your plan price every month to a charity of your choosing with no annual caps on the donations.

There are NO contracts or credit checks at Beyond Wireless. You can choose the plan that is the best fit for you.

So if you are interested in a wireless provider that can give you these benefits, you should seriously consider giving Beyond Wireless a try.